Help, my child is going to school

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Help, my child is going to school !

It is probably one of the most exciting days for children and parents: school enrollment. Nothing fills parents with more pride than their child’s first day of school – the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in life. But the way to the first day of school holds many challenges.

We will show you what you should pay attention to so that starting school is a success and school enrollment celebration becomes an unforgettable moment.


Most children in Germany start school at the age of six. The start of compulsory schooling is regulated by the respective federal state. This is usely done by using a key date. If the child has turned six on this day, it will start school in the coming school year. If your child turns six after the deadline, it will start school in the following school year.

The school responsible for you is the elementary school, which is usually the closest to the enrollment area and therefore the apartment. After all, the way to school should be as short and easy as possible for the little school beginners.

This is required for school registration:
  • your personal papers
  • child’s personal papers
  • child’s birth certificate

If you have already mastered the choice and registration at the school, as well as the school entrance examination, you should consider accompanying and supporting your child in everyday school life in the future.

The Child´s Room

Prepare the children’s room in such a way that your child will have a retreat to play and learn in the future.

The dining table in the living or kitchen area can also become a place to study. This is especially recommended in the beginning. This also gives your child the opportunity to ask questions if they have problems and they do not feel left alone. This not only strengthens the family bond, but also the well-being of the child. And by learning together, we – as parents –  can occasionally learn something new or refresh old knowledge.


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Take your time

It is advisable to walk the way from your place of residence to the school at regular intervals before the actual start of school. You should definitely plan some time so that your prospective school child can memorize the way in peace. Because there are no distractions yet and you can calmly explain routes, traffic rules and orientation points to your protégé.

Once the little kid is at school and eventually walks to school alone, new friends who have a similar way of going to school will of course join the way. They will talk, fool around and play – and then it can happen from time to time that your child is quickly distracted. Therefore, you should definitely explain to your protégé how to behave on the road. In larger cities, bus and train stations must also be discussed and practiced.

Yes, yes, the way to school can be a challenge. There is a lot to see and a lot to consider.

Safety first!

The shortest route is not always necessarily the safest route.

  • Avoid busy and confusing intersections.
  • It’s better to take a small detour and build in as many safe crossings with traffic lights, pedestrian overpasses and zebra crossings as possible. This applies both on foot and later by bike or scooter.
  • Builds in learning aids/bridges regarding the traffic rules, such as “Red no, Green go.”
  • And dear parents, always make sure to obey the traffic rules yourself. Because everything you show the child (consciously or unconsciously) is memorized. Because you are its first point of reference, its role model.

Did you already know?

Children who actively go to school on their own are often more attentive, alert and independent. Walking together with friends also promotes social contact with people of the same age.


In addition to the children’s room and the way to school, you should think about what your child needs for school. Usually, schools give out a list of the utensils that your child will definitely need for school a few weeks before school starts.

The Satchel / School bag

Of course all the school things have to be packed somewhere!

  • Make sure that the school bag (empty) is not too heavy.Because what is already heavy before doesn’t become leighter with books, lunch and a drinking bottle.
  • Buy something of good quality right away – If you have to buy twice, you pay more. The longer it lasts, the less often you have to buy a new satchel or backpack.

  • Pay attention to wide, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, ergonomic back padding and a stable satchel base.

  • Ideally, the satchels have fluorescent and reflective surfaces. So the Kids are better seen in traffic.

  • It’s always a good idea to buy a set. In addition to the school bag, a sports bag, sports bag, small purse and/or matching pencil case are often included.

What else do you need?

  • Gym Bag / Sports Bag
  • Pencil Case
  • Lunch box & drinking bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Sportswear & Shoes

  • School supplies (exercises, books, fountain pens, crayons, pencils, felt-tip pens, paint boxes, brushes, sharpeners, rulers, erasers, craft scissors, glue)


Incidentally, it is a wonderful idea to go shopping with the child and pack the school bag together. This also promotes organization and later independence. The child also gets a wonderful overview of it´s school materials – which are bought especially. If the child is allowed to choose the satchel and the school things, it has a completely different appreciation.

Why don’t you try to combine your shopping routes with the way to school?



And while you’re happily on a shopping tour, don’t forget to plan your enrollment party. Because grandma and grandpa and other relatives and friends want to welcome the little ABC Sagittarius to the world of learning. So plan ahead of time what you want to do. Small garden party, or go to restaurant. Maybe a visit to the zoo? How many people? Guest list?

But you can also integrate your child here. Design invitation cards and place cards for the celebration.

Well, thought of everything? Also the school cone? There are two options: you buy one or you make one yourself.


The time has come, enrollment is only a few days away. Now it’s time for the final sprint!

  • Choose clothes and shoes for school enrollment, preferably 1-2 weeks before school starts. Of course, this should be a bit chic, but also comfortable. After all, the little sprout should also feel good on the first day of the new phase of life.
  • Fill the school cone with sweets and other stuff. Prepare decorations for the celebration.
  • Pack the school bag together with your child 2-3 days in advance.


Get up early enough so that there is no unnecessary rush. It is best to set the alarm clock the day before and get your clothes ready for school. Charge the camera and don’t forget the memory card. Beautiful moments should be captured. 

Have a leisurely breakfast together and set off on time. If your child has friends who are also starting school on this day (same school), then meet before the actual start of the event. That takes the excitement out of the little one. Don’t forget the school bag and camera. Take some photos with the school cone, family and friends, which you can later stick in an album or make a scrapbook. But don’t just hang behind the camera. Because certain moments should simply be experienced to make them unforgettable.


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